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Opera embraces all art forms and call upon a diversity of creative individuals.  Throughout its 400+ years of evolution, experimentation, and innovation, the Art of Opera has not evolved into one single practice, but a multitude of expressive traditions that speak a universal language and remind us of our common identity.


The World Opera and the the World Opera Group is committed to bringing members of the global village together through the exploration and presentation of humanities rich and diverse performance traditions.  It is our wish to provide all citizens access to a warm and compelling universal experience, offering individuals a greater understanding of themselves and others, as well as awareness of their part in our rich and vibrant global community.

The World Opera House

Central to this mission is the World Opera House, a meeting place for cultural discussion, development, and performance.  As a truly global forum, the World Opera House cannot be a single space, limited to one location or time zone.  Rather, the World Opera House is a network of interconnected performance spaces that allow for the real-time interaction of performers across high-speed networks.

The World Opera Stage

As a collection of performance sites distributed throughout the world, the World Opera Stages provide the technology necessary to mediate time and space.  Through dedicated high-speed communication networks, we are able to connect performance over great distances with low-latency, high-definition audio and video streams.


Our work is inspired by the Florentine Camerata, whose members — humanists, scientists, musicians, and poets — were drawn together during the 16th century by the desire to combine classical Greek drama with (then) contemporary musical practice.  What resulted was the development of a new musical-literary hybrid, the foundations for what we recognize as opera today.

In a similar fashion, the World Opera is gathering technologists, theorists, artists, musicians, hackers, and people form the business sector to bring new innovations to current performance practice.  We recognize the strong musical, literary, and emotive heritage of what has come before, and we believe the World Opera House and Stage will provide future creators and audiences with new tools to interpret, develop, and experience opera.Plakat