ARcTic Sustain – Let Vibrate

ARcTic Sustain is an artistic research group at the Music Concervatory, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway.


The ARcTic Sustain artistic research group sets out to develop artistic and practice-led approaches for experimenting with musical sound, form and material, focusing on the interplay with old and new music and instruments. We concentrate our work on composers and musical material from the northern regions, in close dialogue with world-wide artistic expressions that influence the way we live and play in the north. The concept of sustain has a double meaning in the work of the artistic research group, as: to keep alive, and prolonged sounds in music.


The strategic plan for The Faculty of Fine Arts at UiT states: «We will Contribute to the identification, sustain, and develop the art and culture of the north». Environmental sustainability is of fundamental value for the world to survive. The sustainability in music have mostly focused on how to preserve and reconstruct musical thoughts and expressions through historical studies and interpretative practises. The ARcTic Sustain group aims, in addition to these aspects of sustainability, at a broader definition of sustain, incorporating sustainability issues into musical materiality, timbre, human survival, and past and future development.


The members of the group all experiment with interpretations and contemporary music in a range of different ensembles. Our members are involved in works such as:

  • «Klang av oldtid» – an artistic research project involving creating and recreating music for reconstructed bronze luhrs (Jens Kloster and Gaute Vikdal)
  • «Borderland – seeking the extreme» (Berit Norbakken Solset)
  • «New compositions for an old instrument» (Lars Lien)
  • «Northern trumpet literature hub» (Ingrid Eliassen)
  • «Periferi» (Rolf Borch)
  • «UArctic World Ensemble» – a circumpolar music project (Fred Glesnes and Ragnar Rasmussen)


ARcTic Sustain members:

Geir Davidsen (euphonium) (head)

Friederike Bischoff (piano)

Ingrid Eliassen (trumpet)

Rolf Borch (clarinet)

Lars Lien (saxophone)

Jens Kloster (trombone)

Berit Norbakken Solset (soprano)

Kåre Solmund Nystabakk (lute, guitars)

Jon Marius Aareskjold (music technology)